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At $2500+ Supposedly elite refrigerator. The tech informed us that he had been running across this issue several times, stating that before or right at the 1 year manufactured warranty the LG motors were going bad. I would have thought that a (formerly) good company would stand behind their product. I bought it in 2014. I was getting ready to retire in order to care for him so we purchased this refrigerator as well as other new appliances in preparation for the issues we would be facing in the coming months. The compressor went bad. I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in January 2017 which just over 3 years old. I purchased a 3 door kenmore with filtered water through the door. . I am currently without a refrigerator for about 2 months. model 795.73167.610 quit cooling on 8-30-21. Model 795.7133.410. when this happens the food thaws and then refreezes over and over again until the unit finall failes. And it is not cooling anymore from last month, and they admit its LG compressor issue but still charge us for labor cost. New Compressor is the"UPDATED UNIT with UPDATED SOFTWARE in the PCB. Purchased LG Kenmore Elite refrigerator in July or August of 2013. Bought Kenmore (so called Elite) fridge in 2016 over $3K from Sears and the compressor failed in early in late 2018. (about 2008). I purchased a Kenmore Elite (79575043610) when I built my house. Model # is 795-77563600. The first is model# 596.72003016. ft.). When you call Sears they just put you on hold. The sell crapy items and don't offer support. The local repair man said the replacement compressor would most likely fail in 4 years or less, and recommended I buy a new refrigerator. I just had the same issue as Jayme. Now the compressor is not working again. Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator . Do I qualify for the class action suit? 15 months after my purchase of my Kenmore Elite (Coldspot) Model # 106.51149112 Serial # HR30402756, we started having issues. repair company is saying that even that may not fix the unit as it may need a compressor. I purchased this new in October 2017. From everyone's comments it sounds like quite a hassle to try to get it repaired. (47 pages) Refrigerator Kenmore 795.7203 Series Use And Care Manual. Quit cooling 4/9/20. This thing cost a small fortune. They told me to call Kenmore. I would like to join the class action law suit against LG faulty compressors. Else, they will cover the compressor I believe but the customer has to incur all other costs which can easily run into $500- up to a thousand +. We call Sears to have a service person come out and make the repairs. Our Kenmore Elite (production in 2016) has stopped cooling and freezing. 1. I really believe this is unacceptable and something should be done. Purchased Kenmore Elite model 795.74027.610 refrigerator on 6/25/17, and the freezer, refrigerator, icemaker all stopped working today (lights and alarms are on). I need your advice about Kenmore Elite refrigerator troubleshooting.The F1 error usually means the control board freezes up and the freezer doesn't. You can . All of the food in the freezer has thawed out and there is no cooling going on. Rrrfgghh, so I found a Kenmore customer support email, and sent them an email letting them know that they are falsely advertising and that they sold me a "fake feature" and they are not honoring what they sold me etc and are still lying to consumers. A leaky ice maker can be annoying, and when it comes to the Kenmore refrigerator 795, the ice maker may leak into the freezer, ice bucket, ice bin, or floor. We contacted Sears and were told that we had to call LG. I purchased a kenmore Elite refrigerator in August of 2015. I have a house full of lg appliances and have had problems with all of them resulting in repair or replacement. I have a "case manager" that I sent an email to ( no response) and I also sent a text message to which no response. It sounds as though the motor is still working but it is not cooling and it periodically is making a strange short sound. Everything stopped on my unit and it does not look like LG or Kenmore or Sears are going to do a thing about it. If you have had a similar experience. We tried to buy a replacement, . I have a warranty but they will get back to me within 2days. yes I said what am I supposed to do in the meantime. You can remove tube and unfreeze and replace and it will freeze back up again. Mine didn't even last that long. Only the compressor was covered. went to work the next morning, only to come home to water all over the floor from the ice melting in door. First ice maker, then freezer, then frig. They finally sent a repairman that took the entire microwave apart and basically rebuilt it. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit pleas include me in that group!! What the heck do we do in-between. ft. Sears wanted $300 more for labor costs than my local guy. Shop Kenmore. Can't seem to find how to get parts or service. He said that's just the way they sound. Friday, November 5th was the first available date. I bought my Kenmore grab and go refrigerator in 2016 pair 1600.dollars for it and now 3 years later it has quit completely. If there is a lawsuit please sign me up, as I know in my heart I will not be compensated. Kenmore kept saying Warranty and I kept saying Recall. After 3 phone calls to Sears, over an hour of time & getting transferred continuously & speaking with at least 7 people, Ive been told different things & now Im told the parts wont be covered even though my written warranty says 7 years on the compressor. Single Ice Maker. On November 13,2018 ice maker stopped working and food in freezer started thaw Out. Going out to buy a new refrigerator today, and I can assure you it wont be Kenmore or LG!!!! The manufacturer and seller have known about these faulty compressors for OVER A DECADE! We purchased a Kenmore Elite Grab-N-Go refrigerator in November 2015. Every part was replaced, Twice, if not more. I bought a Kenmore Elite in May 2014. My question who is going to help me? open the freezer and fridge to nothing being cold at all. External Dimensions. Terrible waste of $800.00 dollars. Purchased a Kenmore Model # 72595 in 2018. Would take 2 weeks and parts would be shipped to my home. 74025. I called Sears, paid the $90 to have repair tech come out. Called Sears Repair on 12/3/21 for repair was told they couldn't schedule me until 1/17/22 & advised me to keep appointment & see if I could get an earlier appointment. Not having any faith in Sears any longer, I had an Abt Service Tech come out, and the unit was diagnosed as having a sealed system compressor failure which would cost between $1200 to $1500 to repair! Now the generator is gone. Purchased Kenmore Elite refrigerator in 2017. Manufactured in: South Korea. ( on sale with bundle appliances) in July 2018 it quit working.lost all my food. All new Kenmore elite appliances were installed. As far as we know the compressor has a 10 year warranty and they should be replacing it for free because Im not paying them since the unit wasnt cheap and after trashing so much food!! Jan 20, 2018 - just called for another service call to have it repaired and the next available service date is March 13, 2019. This mode is navigated by pressing two buttons on the display panel. Finally said bad compressor, said that cpu board was not compatible with their "Universal Compressor"and I would have to purchase a new board for the repair. I am not spending another penny on purchasing warranties, or hiring private company technicians to fix this junk. Purchased a kenmore elite i (795 .7283. they said warranty has run out. Service Tech did not show. I am extremely unhappy. And how is it possible for a big named company like this to keep putting out crap they know is bad and two lawsuits from what I can see did little to nothing much for the millions of customers. It also was the compressor. Compact Refrigerator - Stainless Steel. The Sears techs come out, don't know the issue, and replace almost every part, the part being an "unoriginal" fails again, and again, and they keep charging labor and parts, and coming and repairing the same part. Did I mention all the food is lost. Now I'm reading about faulty compressors and other things. Was told the compressor overheated & refrigerant leaked out. I didn't see my model mentioned in any of the current class actions. We didn't have him fix it and then read that my compressor has a 10 year warranty. No repairman I have contacted will touch it. Another year later and we are having the same issue. I took delivery of my Kenmore Elite on June 2, 2016 and the compressor stopped working on July 9, 2022. Wife and I are in our 70s and can not function without fridge so called independent contractor to fix. Seemed he had no idea what he was saying or doing. It is freaking brand new and I paid some man over $300 for 4.5 hrs and paid $330 for a new control board to try and diagnose the problem and it seems that its not the control board or the fan. He was surprised I got 6 years out of the first one. We purchased our Kenmore freezer on top refrigerator Mar 22, 2007. We have had two technicians out, one put freeon in but it seems to run all the time. Sears, LG Refrigerator with a Kenmor Elite badge on the right door. Terrible service and cost from Sears. I invested in a new refrigerator 5-6 years ago Thinking I would be set for many years. GREEDY SAPS! Had 4 conversations online with Sears concerning this issue (with refrigerator) but Sears is more concerned with selling Home Service Warranties then repairing the products they already sold. Technician says it is the compressor and 3 other parts. Purchased Kenmore Elite Model # 795.73157.610 Manufacture Date 01/2018. I need to prove this is a larger issue then just me! Called Sear Service and was told the soonest someone could come out was 5 days later! He passed away three years ago and now Im having to deal with the compressor going out on the Kenmore. Step 3: Install the New Compressor. Not covered under the warranty which is good for 1 year. This was all right before Thanksgiving. I called Sears customer service and scheduled an appointment for a tech diagnosis and repair on Friday, April 17, 2020. We also bought a Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator from Sears on Oct 11, 2011 on July 4th 2019 the compressor went out and was verified by our personal technician. The water has ruined my floor wood cabinet molding.Food does not freeze properly. Why is LG allowed to keep putting these faulty compressors into any product? I bought all new kitchen appliances from Sears for my new house. This is the second Kemore Elite French door refrigerator with freezer in the bottom Stainless Steel in 9 years to have the compressor go out. 4 techs visited, ordered parts, (made by LG) came back replace said oarts and still is not working. They want over $400 to fix it. If you are thinking of buying a new fridge, beware of these models for sure. He said that theres a closed loop failure (Freon leaked out) or the compressor has failed and they would need repair at the shop which would take a week. I did not even have to show my receipt of purchase because the date on the compressor is less than 5 years. I was never notified about them class action suit against them but fully intend to look into it. Diagnosed with failed sealed system and compressor. Sears Home Appliance company repaired it a couple of weeks ago, but the only thing the warranty for the compressor covered was the cost of the compressor only. Compressor went out 18 months later. The unit was made by LG for Kenmore. I am interested in any information on a class action suit regarding this particular product. We called different repair places in the area and no will work on LG Refrigerators. (3) When the defect CODE removes the sign, it returns to normal operation (RESET). It will be several thousand dollars to replace them. I received the same answer from the Sears repair service. Biggest WASTE of money ever and sears wanted me to pay for 300 labor to fix this! This a very poorly made appliance from Korea and quality control from their production line is obviously not in place. Good thing Sears is in bankruptcy, as I will never buy another Sears product. I then called into LG trying to explain what is going on and the woman hung up on me. The company is willing to cover the part, but the labor over $400 is absurd; especially with the lost of food due to spoilage and the defrosting ice leaking on my hardwood floor into my basement ceiling. I also lost about $300 worth of food that was in the freezer and some that was in the refrigerator compartment. When asked what do we do to feed our family of five until then, we were told "we can give you a curtesy $!20 to refund the food loss." We purchased our Kenmore Elite 7/18. The is the first time that we have ever experienced a situation like this with a Sears product! We lost over $200 worth of food when Refrig quit. Sears Holdings/Kenmore/LG should be held responsible knowing that they were selling a faulty product. Is this covered under the recall? I purchased it on July 4 of 2018 and it just stopped working two days ago. Glad the Sears closed by me. He did see notes regarding the seriousness of my situation. I have another appointment on April 28, 2020 to replace and/or repair free of charge based on the 90 day warranty. same problem. My LG refrigerator Went out the compressor is bad. ft. 2-Door Compact Refrigerator - Stainless Steel. I called sears and told them and they gave me another number to call, so I called and waited on hold for 30 minutes, I explained again about the fridge. Please add us to you class action lawsuit! Same story here. BUT ON SALE FOR $500. It is now doing it again for the 5th time and I do not want to pay for another service call. Refrigerator and freezer do not stay at cold temperatures , refrigerator temperature is in the 50s freezer Temperature is in the 40S there is no ice! what is the 33 for? At the same time start looking for a new fridge. Now, unplug the refrigerator's plug from the wall outlet. I just had my Kenmore refrigerator, Model# 79570323310 (purchased date 02/2016) with 3 year warranty from Sears just suddenly stop cooling after owning it less than 3 years and 7 months. sears is junk. Have waited 5 weeks now to get a 2 year old refrigerator fixed. Just found out about this recall online now. It took them two weeks to diagnose and send parts to install new condenser and compressor, and then they failed to show up for my appointment and gave me a new appointment 10 days later!! At 3months thethermostat/ice maker died (covered). The refrigerator stopped working. When I questioned him about the brand of the replacement part, he informed us that he would be replacing the compressor with another LG compressor. Then ice maker went out a month later. I have argued until I'm blue in the face with a thousand Representatives through Sears LG and Sears Kenmore Department which are all pretty much tied together and they are making it where you have to replace your fridge within 3 years every three years because they are trying to drum up business bye making us customers that stuck with them through the possible closures and shutting down of all locations we get treated like this and then to kick me while I'm down they offer me $160 in points on my Shop Your Way account to put towards a mini fridge to get me by until the repairs can be done 2 weeks later but there are no fridges available whatsoever on Sears website for my town that will make it to the store or to my house before my fridge will be repaired so to add insult to injury they give me $160 I can't use which infuriates me even more and being told when I bought the items that they would last me 15 plus years but yet they already knew the refrigerator wood fell within the first 3 years but proceeded to tell me it would last me 15 plus years and nobody can step up to the plate and make this right I asked for a replacement fridge not a repair 2 weeks later because of the fact that there will be a smell that develops from my fridge sitting not being used for over 2 weeks but yet the charges that I would have to pay if it wasn't covered under warranty would be $950 plus they gave me $300 towards food loss and that hundred and sixty dollars but to just give me a new fridge of the same model which is now reduced in price by half due to all it's bad reviews it's only $1,200 now but do the math they will spend $100 more not to give me a new fridge that's BS and I hope that the right person sees this post and brings all this to light on a national level because Sears needs to be shut down and penalized 4 their wrongdoing and lying and misleading and forcefully making customers K obscene amount of money for repairs my repair states that the compressor is $424.91 but if I were to order it on the site myself and get it shipped to me it's only $350 why can anybody explain because of the fact that they are cheating every system that they possibly can so those of you who had to pay for their repairs I would go back and look how much they charged you and how much the parts actually are because there's about $100 in difference between all of their costs from the repair guy "not including labor" versus their own website!!! Model # is 79551839410..Who can help me with getting this resolved. He advises purchasing a new refrigerator. Compressor went. I am pretty sure I just got rooked on a lemon model and manufacturer compressor issue that has effected numerous consumers and should be a class action suit if not recalled and replaced. We have no idea how long the fridge has been off, but the entire house stinks. Now I am without frig for 4 days because they cant co.e sooner. Model # 795.72043.110. 795.74023.411 on 8/7/2015. We purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model #795.73157.610 right after we bought it. Most have 5 or 10-year warranty, but not my model #795.7249.11. Purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator 79574093410 in October of 2018, Ditto to all of this.have Kenmore frig as others do. Our frig is only 4 years old! I asked person if he knew difference between Warranty and Recall. Is this refrigerator model in any kind of recall. There has been smoke damage in a few incidents, but the companies involved state they are not aware of any injuries. I can see why now. 4.6 4.6 out of 5 stars (39) $9.99 $ 9. I have a 3yr old Kenmore Elite refrigerator that is that is not cooling. Would love to joing a class action suit against Sears/Kenmore. Just last month, we had to have the ice maker replaced because of a leak. I bought my kenmore refrigerator 3/2018, the compressor stopped working since last Friday 1/10/2020. Please Help! Compressor Died after 5 years of use. Refrigerator was not cooling then noticed freezer was not freezing yesterday. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator bought 3 years ago. I called Sears and they said they have to fix everything it could be before they would replace compressor!! But I'm sure LG and Sears has raked in Billion of dollars selling these pieces of junk. Step 6: Finish Up. Would like to know what if anything is being done about this??? I am living on social security and have very little extra money to cover these repairs to my refrigerator. Unbelievable! Purchased a Sears Kenmore model # 795.72493.611 on October 10, 2017. If there is a class action suite against LG refrigerator please notify me. The compressor is supposedly still running but the fridge and freezer not the right temperature . We called Sears and they will work on them, but we have to wait a month and a half for a repairman to come out. Now in 2021, we have replaced the condenser, compressor, drier filter, computer board, and a freezer evap cover and fan within 6 months. Due to the volume of these fridges dying it took 6 weeks to even get a sears repairmen to come look at it and another 6 weeks to get the parts in due to the backorder backlog. I know this model is a LG and ai can promise you I will NEVER purchase a LG again. I SHOULDNT BE HAVING THESE KIND OF ISSUES. Complete list of Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator complaints. This is absolutely unacceptable that this company is not forced to make things right and recall these faulty appliances. Hello, I have a Kenmore Elite Model 795.74043.412 that is only a little over a year old, I bought in January 2017. We purchased our Kenmore Elite fridge in June 2016 & had also purchased a 5 year extended warranty Mod#73133. Purchased a Kenmore model 795.7305 (3-door, stainless steel) in February 2017. Purchased an LG made Kenmore elite in Feb 2017 and it lasted until May 27th of 2022. No wonder Sears went bankrupt. We were happy with this unit until now! Freezer over freezes and bottom part where all the food is located does not get cold enough to keep food especially milk from spoiling. I have 2017 Kenmore Elite refrigerator made by LG. In September 2018 the Ice Maker and Water Dispenser stopped working I called in to my LG Warranty amount and was given Claim #1403xxxx about an hour later my wife told me everything in the Freezer was thawed I called back added that to the problem. vintage wales football shirt, economic impact of vietnam war on vietnamese, carnival dry dock schedule,

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